My love affair with Miss Saigon

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My love affair with Miss Saigon

Around 25 years ago I first got to watch Miss Saigon at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. First time I went to see it was a few months after it first opened. On the night I attended, Monique Wilson was playing the role of Kim and Jonathan Pryce was the Engineer. Fell in love with everything about it instantly, the songs, the emotions, the excitement and anticipation. Ended up going to watch a weekly basis. A couple of years later, I got to see Lea Salonga and Jonathan Pryce on Broadway, wow again mesmerised.

Shortly after that I have to be honest and admit that I never even knew where the Philippines was, however I just simply had to meet Kim (Monique Wilson) in Manila. Never been to the Philippines before, but went on the 7,000 mile journey to watch Monique perform at the Music Museum in Greenhills as she was performing in a play, Angels in America which was being staged by her New Voice Theatre Company.

Since then, have fallen in love with the Philippines and have seen Miss Saigon 52 times and counting. Since the new production opened, have wanted to watch. So looking forward to seeing Jon Jon Briones as the Engineer again, last time was on the national UK tour. I hear that he has developed the role even further. The Engineer was a role modelled by so many great actors over the years, as well as Jonathan, Junix Inocian who was brilliant as the Engineer, taking over from Jonathan at the Drury Lane and making the character his own. Every night in watched him perform, I knew I was in for something extra and such a brilliant night. Then Leo Valdez, again brilliant in the role, made the role his own, tonight I will watch Jon Jon who I hear from the reviews is sensational, excited.

Them there is the role of Kim, I don't want to compare and don't think I need to, just to say that I hear that Eva is exceptional and I am super excited to see how she plays the role, must have been so hard to cast somebody into the role played by such icons as Lea Salonga and Monique.

Hope I don't cry too much, however getting to watch Miss Saigon for me will be a massively emotional experience, where's my tissues???


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