My first flight to the Philippines with Royal Brunei Airlines!

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My first flight to the Philippines with Royal Brunei Airlines!

Went back a couple of weeks ago to the place I call home for some meetings and to check out some businesses as well as spending time with family and friends!

Was able to watch ASAP Rocks which I loved!!! Got to see Gary V live and wow he can dance!

Also got to hear Sara Geronimo singing some Christmas songs as well as seeing Martin Nievera, Jose Marie Chan and many other Pinoy artists, felt like Christmas had come early. Awesome times!

Attended some parties as well as visiting Leisure Coast resort in Dagupan which was great fun!

As Royal Brunei advertise on, I also wanted to fly with them for the first time to experience the service they have to offer!

I would not have been happy to recommend them to others if I didn't enjoy flying with them. What can I say?

Well, I was honestly really impressed! The journey from London to Manila involves a flight from London to Brunei with a short refuelling in Dubai.

The flight from London to Dubai was on a 777 aircraft which was clean, comfortable, modern with a lovely friendly crew and nice decor. We were served with regular drinks some snacks and the meals on board were nice as well, just the right amount, nothing too heavy and the no alcohol policy is fine as drinking alcohol on flights causes dehydration anyway!!!

Loved the fact that before departing on each sector, the flight is blessed! Whatever your personal religous beliefs or even if you don't have any, it was just comforting to know that someone was praying for your journey!

Every flight sector was on time and very smooth take off and landing and all very efficient. When we arrived in Dubai there was just over an hour, I was able to leave my bags on board the plane which was great! I love Dubai airport and was great to meet so many Pinoys there as well. Had time for a quick cup of coffee and then a short walk before boarding again to Brunei.

On arrival in Brunei, had time to have a free shower in the terminal, although the terminal in Brunei is quite small, it is clean and functional! Quick tip make sure you bring some shower gel with you for the shower and maybe a towel!

They do have day rooms though but as I had a short stop, quick shower, another coffee and then we were off to Manila!!! Flight over to Manila was fine, only 1 hour 40 minutes there and then we were home!

Had the most amazing time in the Philippines! Can I recommend Royal Brunei, YES I can, no issues at all, a very comfortable experience.

On the journey back to London, all fine, my flight sector included a wait in Brunei of 11 hours but this was really my choice! I could have had a shorter stopover but decided to go for a slightly cheaper fare and also wanted to experience what Brunei had to offer!

Got a free city tour which was great in fact the staff from Brunei holidays actually went out of their way recommending the tour and booking people on it! Awesome service!

Got to tour around Brunei, got to see the Royal Palace of His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei and even got to hear his full name, we were asked by the tour guide to try to remember it,not sure if my memory is that good though!

I can honestly say that everyone I met loved living in Brunei and everyone spoke very highly of the country! I was very impressed by everything I saw in Brunei, very clean, lovely people and great sights to see! (There are apparently only 400,000 residents of Brunei and a million cars hahaha) how cool!

Highly recommend the tour, so informative, even a stopover there, some great paid tours were also on offer, including seeing monkeys, visiting a rainforest and a visit to a water village.

We did have some time for a short stop at the local market where there were some lovely foods on offer, most costing only 1 Brunei dollar including Halo Halo! Loved the foods, not really too spicey and they do some banana spring rolls, like Pinoy foods really!!!

They even have a Jollibee in the airport but you need to do that on the return from the City Tour before entering Departures! I saw it only from the outside, but didnt go in as I had eaten so much at the market!

Only spent just over a week in the Philippines but as someone who loved travel got to visit other countries as well and met some lovely people on the way!

Looking forward to my next trip back home in 2012, would I fly with Royal Brunei again, certainly!


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