Ms TS Philippines 2013

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Well done to the organisers of the first ever Ms TS Philippines. This event was organised by the Benguet UK Chapter Charity Association or BUKCCA through their chair, Catherine Casinto Poole.

Have to be honest this is the first time I have ever attended an event like this.

I have been invited in the past to judge other beauty pageants, the first one I ever had the pleasure of attending was the Mrs Philippines in Scotland. I have also been a judge at Miss London NABA and also Miss Philippines. So I have some experience of these kind of events.

The beauty pageant is a very important part of Philippine Culture and is very popular in the Philippines. As I love the Philippines and Pinoy culture, I was happy to be invited to be one of the judges at this event.

I have to be completely honest, before I attended the event, I was a little unsure of what to expect. I guess our minds have been programmed in a certain way without realising it so that we only understand and accept male and female and neglect the fact that there is the 'Third Sex' or transsexual people.

I guess we all form stereotypes of how people should act or be, this is totally wrong. People should be free to live their lives however they choose. They must not be dictated to by the church or anyone else on how they choose to live their life.

The Ms TS Philippines is such an important event as it brings the issues to centre stage and tells the world including the Philippines that discrimination against TS people is unacceptable and must stop now!

I have to say I had a brilliant time last night. As part of my role as a judge, I had to present some award to the winning contestants. Again without realising, when I went up on stage first time, when I presented the award, I politely shook the hand of the winner, if this was an event like Miss or Mrs Philippines, I would have congratulated the contestant by giving them a kiss on the cheek?

Why did I act differently at this event, I guess it was nerves and not knowing what to do, maybe even an inbuilt programming?. By the time I went on stage the second time, all my nerves and I suspect unease without even realising had vanished and I congratulated the second winner with a kiss on the cheek.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this event very much and would highly recommend, I believe as well as addressing discrimination, it has also made me a better person. Thanks so much to the organisers for inviting me to be a part of it!


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