Miss London NABA 2012

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Miss London NABA 2012

On Saturday 12th May 2012, the Camden Centre hosted the second annual Miss London NABA pageant.

It was a beautiful night filled with great entertainment and spirit.

There were six candidates competing for the Miss London NABA 2012 title; Rachel Sapurco, 18. Angelica Casinto, 18. Christine Franco, 18. Joanne Robbins, 20. Khristine Bautista, 18 and Sharimae Sadca, 19.

These amazing contestants were each judged through four criteria; casual wear, sports wear, evening/formal wear and an interview question. Each of these criteria were worth 65 points with an extra 15 bonus points, except the interview which was only 40 points with no bonus points. This gave an overall total of 280 points.

The judges panel consisted of 10 judges; Andrew Magdalena (Pinoy Supermarket and Direct Money), Christopher Dias (Dias Solicitors), Patrick Galang (International Stylist and Project Runway Finalist), Joan Rizal (Mrs Philippines UK 2002), Jessica Vecino (Carino-Vecino Catering), Claire Matthews (London NABA City Director 2012), Malcolm Conlan (Fil-Event.com) Luis Bariuan (Marketing Director of ABS-CBN Europe), Fe Perfect (Marketing Director of Celestial Travel) and Jerick Collado (FilInvest).

The night was entertaining throughout as during the breaks there were performances by singers Fifi Komaira and Emily De Castro as well as various dance numbers by D-Dance (D-Dance Mini, D-Dance Under 18s and D-Dance 18+) and Stylistix.

Raffles were sold in the aid of the Child Hope International charity

Miss Khristine Franco was the winner of the night as she was crowned Miss London NABA Winner 2012 and winning herself a return ticket to Washington, USA. She also received a trophy, beauty gift pack and flowers. She was then followed by the Miss London NABA 2012 runners up; Rachel Sapurco, Joanne Robbins and Angelica Casinto.

The Winners of the Night:

Miss London NABA Winner 2012 Khristine Bautista

Miss London NABA 1st Runner up 2012 Rachel Sapurco

Miss London NABA 2nd Runner up 2012 Joanne Robbins

Miss London NABA 3rd Runner up 2012 Angelica Casinto

Miss Charity Khristine Bautista

Miss Photogenic Joanne Robbins

Miss London NABA Best in Sports Wear 2012 Joanne Robins

Miss London NABA Best in Casual Wear 2012 Khristine Bautista

Miss London NABA Best in Evening Wear 2012 Khristine Bautista

Miss London NABA Miss Congeniality 2012 Christine Franco

Miss London NABA Princess of the Night 2012 Angelica Casinto

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