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President Aquino’s Eid’l Adha Message

President Benigno S. Aquino III on Tuesday joined the Muslim community in
the Philippines in the observance and celebration of Eid’l Adha, otherwise
known as the Feast of Sacrifice, which was declared a special non-working
holiday by the government.

In his message, the Chief Executive said the government is one with Muslim
Filipinos in recognizing the solemnity of the occasion as he remembered
prophet Ibraham’s sacrifice and its significance to the Islamic faith.

“Today, we are reminded of Ibraham’s tale of sacrifice, and its narrative
of unconditional trust, devotion, and fortitude. In the face of a seemingly
insurmountable task, he showed courage and immense faith in the Almighty," the President said.

"May we find in ourselves the strength and empowerment Ibraham displayed as we collectively fulfill our great destiny as individuals, communities, and a nation.”

President Aquino also called on the public “to remember our brothers who
pursue a just and peaceful society, where hope and optimism reign, and
where every Filipino enjoys the right to live in an environment that
nurtures our potential and dreams.”

He underscored that all Filipinos should forever be “indebted” to all
heroes of peace and “ensure that their sacrifice will never be in vain.”

“We in government are one with you in recognizing the solemnity of this
occasion, and we honor the diversity of our people’s faiths, each founded
on love, compassion, respect, and understanding,” the President said.

“These are the same ideals that fuel our national renewal, and humanity’s
ongoing journey of transformation. May you remain a staunch partner of the
Filipino people as we march united towards our brighter tomorrows,” he added.

Eid’l Adha is an annual feast observed by the Muslim community to
commemorate Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his young and only firstborn son in obedience to a command from Allah. It also marks the end of the annual ‘Hajj’ or pilgrimage to Mecca. PND (hdc)


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