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Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is Clive Castillo and Im currently a third year Multimedia Computing student at the University of Westminster. Im running a fundraiser all this week at the university on all 4 Campuses from 10am-4pm. Basically we have a section on campus everyday, where we will have a table and welcome donations but also relief goods from students and teachers.

Make A Difference is a independent group of mainly University Westminster students who are currently trying to raise funds and collect relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan which hit The Philippines recently. All the money donations will go to the biggest charity in the Philippines The Philippine Red Cross and I will be personally handing the amount of the cheque to their headquarters in The Philippines. The boxes of relief goods we collect on campus will all be sent to LBC Express who will ship all the goods out in boxes free of charge in aid to help the people back in my homeland.

I started Make A Difference last week Thursday by myself and it now has a 30 + strong team AND its still growing. We also have partnerships with societies and companies within the university and the Filipino Community outside. The amount of help thats been offered from everyone has been overwhelming.

Please if you can spread the word among your fellow colleagues and help the cause in anyway possible I will be very thankful. Even if its visiting us on each campus and saying hello. It will mean a lot.

We do have a Facebook event, if you search Make A Difference it should come up.

Thank you for your time.

EventStart: 18/11/2013
EventEnd: 22/11/2013
EventLocation: Westminster University - Cavendish (Warren Street), Marylebone (Bakers Street), Harrow and Regent Street Campuses


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