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On the 8th September 2011, I was lucky enough to attend a press conference at the Port of Manila Restaurant, where I was introduced to a brand new and upcoming film, Leona Calderon written by Jowee Morel and starring Award Winning Philippine Actress Ms. Pilar Pilapil.

The film follows the character of Leona Calderon as a retiring lady making a living out of cleaning establishments and private homes. The distressing news soon comes that Leona is diagnosed with cancer and has to decide whether she should go back home to the Philippines and spend her hard earned savings on treatment as well as spend the time with her family or whether she should stay in the U.K. where her treatment would be free but she would face even more time without her family.

The film is also staring, BAFTA and Laurence Olivier Best Actress Ms. Virginia McKenna, on which, Ms. Pilapil said she was - easy to get along with and down to earth.

It is incredible, that Jowee Morel, was able to have both Ms. Pilar Pilapil, who is a Philippine Icon, and Ms. Virgina McKenna who too is an icon of the U.K. as they are both legendary actresses.

Associate Producer, Andy Villalba, states the film is to raise awareness for the health care system for the retiring overseas worker.

Although the film was produced in the U.K. post production is to be done in the Philippines. The film is currently, trying to raise funds of nearly GBP 20,000 to help pay for the editing, as well as some of their bills and the wages of crew.

To date, the sponsors of this film are PNB,Impex Cargo, Luton Pinoy Restaurant, Tindahang Pinoy, Port of Manila, Philip de Vera, Albert Fegueras, Jireh International Cargo and Travel LTD and Familia Foods Ltd.

Leona Calderon a happy lady in a funny world is not a sad story, but a story where Leonas wit and fun nature will make you smile, laugh and cry.

There shall be special screenings of Leona Calderon in the U.K. with a World Premier in Dubai next January.

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