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Last August 27th 2011 at the Baden Powell House , South Kensington we saw the 2nd FYF Knockout Dance Competition 2011 take place.

The competition was event managed by myself Norresa Perucho and alongside me I had my assistants Charlotte DeSousa, Jamie DelMundo (Head of Finance) and Kimberlee Gama.

Hosted by myself, Jericho San-Juan and JoJo Almojuela, we welcomed the audience into the hall, and started the competition.

A lot of preparation and planning had gone into the event to make it as much of a success as last years event, however unfortunately due to a lack of commitment and other circumstances made by dance groups on the day, there was only two dance groups competing for the three hundred pounds cash prize as well as the title FYF Knockout Dance Competition 2011 Winners

It was therefore decided on the day, with permission of both dance groups, 3D from Nottingham and Nobiz from Hillingdon to allow solo acts. 2 solo acts put themselves forward, Shanice Adjei-Ampofo and Nicholas Olaes.

The four acts who put themselves forward in front of head Judge Isaura Sophia Isabel (Suzannes Dance School), Vicki Shepherd(RT Dance), Neil Kelly(Rubies Dance Centre), Ricardo Small(Dance Group ABYSS), Daryll Small (Dance Group ABYSS) and Isha (Dance Group Nemesis) danced their way through the competition in the hope of impressing the judges.

Sound and lighting was managed by Hollow Rock Entertainment who did a great job at keeping on top of all the music, and ensuring everything went well for the performers on stage.

As well as the competitors of the dance group, we had various performers singing their hearts out on stage such as Graham Parker, Martin and Jade, Erin Grace, Abigale, L.S. and many more.

We also had a performance by Doce Pares a Fiipino Martial Arts School.

1st Place 3D

2nd Place Shanice

3rd Place Nobiz

A great thank you to all those that volunteered on that day , Norresa Perucho, Charlotte DeSousa, Jamie DelMundo, Kimberlee Gama, Isaura Sophia Isabel , Alyssa Barbaran , Mariah Sowa, Ariane Goes, Nicholas Velasco, Hollow Rock Entertainment, Maire Calvert, Anna Mae Perucho, Vanessa Donkoh , Chipo Mawokomatanda, Alex Garlitos, Kevin Jarin, Macoy Domingo, Trisha Rabanal, James Shaw, Wayel Salih, Jericho San-Juan, Patrick Sylla and Chris Kabia

Who knows what shall happen next year? Maybe its time for me to leave the dance competition and hand it over to someone new who can fulfil its great potential? Perhaps I shall move onto something more challenging, perhaps a talent show?

If your interested in being an event manager for an event you would like to see through, or even take part in events then please contact myself in my email stated below.

Norresa Perucho

Hollow Rock Entertainment


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