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Last Monday, Valentines Day I made my live radio debut on Pinoy Radio UK, a UK based Filipino radio network founded by Sonny Laragan. I featured on Sonnys show Night Jam, where different topics of discussion take place every night, my night had a Valentines/Love theme and I was on air for the whole two and a half hour show! The show airs to Filipino listeners the world over including Manila and Los Angeles.

Two of my songs were showcased for the very first time, including Every Time and my upcoming iTunes release Lay You Down. Guest listeners called in with questions, we chatted about our views and thoughts on love, relationships etc and I even sang some acapella live on air! It was pretty cool and a lot of fun. It was a little rusty, but I spoke in Taglish a mix of Tagalog (native Filipino dialect) and English! lol

Although I was born and raised in London, I have always embraced my Filipino heritage and kept close to the Filipino UK community, who have been incredibly supportive of what I do. There is a lot of undiscovered Filipino UK talent, plenty of whom are mates of mine doing very well. We all have the same thing in common, we strive for the same goal in achieving mainstream recognition, but we are steadily surfacing so watch this space!


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