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Champion Youth Philippines (CYP) dreamed of providing a platform for the youth all over the province to increase their socio-civic awareness, to build camaraderie and to showcase their talents as Christian values are integrated. The organization was established in 2007 through the organization of the youth sector of Life Church. It has brought a radical change in the arena of youth empowerment as more and more young people are coming to Christ through the different activities provided by the organization.

One of the major flagships of CYP is the Hike for Life. It is an annual event for the Filipino youth initiated by the Champions Youth Philippines that started in the year 2006. It has encouraged 1300 old and young hikers to step outside their comfort zones to join a cause in praying for the nation and making a statement against youth oppression.

Hike for Life 2010 will gather 3000 young and old all over Palawan to advocate for youth empowerment and protection of the environment. The 75 kilometer walk will start at the City Coliseum and will end in Puerto Princesa City Subterranean Park. Aside from the walk, there would be lectures, small group sessions and workshops on leadership, purity, environmental concerns and spirituality. It also hopes to provide barangays within the 75 km area with potable water source by building deep wells.

More than the 5-day event, Hike for Life wants to invest in the lives of the young people, win them for God and make them catalysts of change. This event would be a jump-off for a construction of a youth center within the university belt of Puerto Princesa where children and the youth would be trained in the arts as they undergo discipleship program.

Hike For Life also seek to partner with the local government, business sectors, different churches, private individuals. CYP and Lifechurch wants to provide a venue for this entities to channel their resources that would make a lasting impact not just for the youth but for the whole community.

Win the Youth, Save the Nation is more than just a battle cry but the driving force of this event

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