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Brighton based artist Jeffrey Cervantes has set up a new facebook group which he hopes will develop the British Filipino network of artists and creative individuals, Please check out the group:

Maraming salamat po

Message from Jeffrey Cervantes:

British Filipino Visual Arts is a upcoming project, which hopes to develop the knowledge and awareness of British-born and Philippines-born artists whom reside within the United Kingdom.

Having recently completed my thesis on Diversity within the Contemporary Arts, my research has concluded that: although it could be argued that to catergorise British Filipino artists into a group could potentially limit them towards a selected audience, creating a network for the British-Filipino artists may support the development and contribution towards British cultural arts in addition to developing significant awareness of the British-Filipino community within the United Kingdom.

British-Filipino artists do not have to be influenced by identity and I have strong beliefs that this project is not made to label and signal post creative individuals. It is a opportunity for British-Filipino creatives to network, talk and hopefully create mutual understanding.

Photographers, Film-makers, Fashion Designers, Art Performers, Designers, etc.


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