Is this the end of Pinoy Pride?

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Is this the end of Pinoy Pride?

I am writing this blog with some apprehension but feel I must write it so that a debate can hopefully take place on how we can best support the Philippines and our people.

For a very long time now I have been a supporter of Philippine culture and events. I have attended so many community events and also cultural events where the attendance at the said events has been very low. This includes visits here of artists, musicians, cultural exhibitions and such like.

I attended an event today in Hyde Park of the registration of Philippine Athletes at a sporting event and only one person showed up and that was me and I am not even Pinoy. I am sure this was down to lack of publicity by the organisers but made me think how many other events where we have Filipino's competing in are we not aware of. As far as I am aware there was another sporting event recently where a Philippine group came to London and I saw no mention of it at all on social media.

The reason why I set up my website back in 2009 was because I was very frustrated with the number of Philippine cultural events which were poorly attended. This blog is not meant as a criticism at all, it's purpose is just to ask a question of our Kabayan in the UK, if we are aware of any Filipino coming here in any capacity and they need support or publicity, please let us know.

There are so many Pinoy groups here and I have always believed that if we all work together and share information on social media, it will be much easier to hold successful events here which would be well attended.

Whenever somebody make a positive post about the Philippines or Filipino people on Facebook, somebody would always mention either poverty, corruption or indeed be critical of the government, my question is does that help promote or encourage tourism? Would foreigners wish to visit the Philippines if all they see are comments about corruption and poverty.

Sure there are issues that need to be addressed back home, but lets all try to focus on the positives and always be proud of the Philippines and indeed our people. Lets also support Philippine tourism and culture. In my opinion there can really be no excuse for some of these cultural events not to be packed to capacity? There are around 250,000 Filipino's in the United Kingdom, don't tell me they are all working every day?

I welcome your comments and hope my blog is not taken as a criticism of a people or indeed nation which I love.


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