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Interview with Katrina Hotca for

Hello Katrina, tell me a little bit about your background and how you became interested in the arts?

Im 20 years old and recently completed a BA (Hons) Degree at University of West London for Acting for Stage & Media. I am of Filipina/ Romanian herritage.

I have been interested in the arts from a very young age. I loved being the centre of attention and entertaining everyone that was around me. I started to
pursue acting after secondary school and studied a National Diploma in Performing Arts at Ravensbourne Sixthform in Kent, followed by a BA (Hons) Degree in Acting.

Can you speak Tagalog?
I cant speak tagalog, but I am currently practising and learning more and more everyday!

How many times have you been home to the Philippines?

Ive been back home twice, but hope to go to The Philippines next year to fulfill an acting career. I wish I could visit more often, as Ive never had the
real Philippines experience.

Whats your favourite PINOY foods?
I love everything about filipino food, I have actually been learning to cook a number of traditional dishes. My favourites have to be Chicken Adobo, Kare- Kare
with bagoong and Dinuguan.

Have you watched TFC and do you follow or admire any actors or celebrities in the philippines?

I do watch it occasionally, I have previously been on tour with Vice Ganda and had a great time with him and Jon Avila, we still keep in contact so hope to have some sort of future collaboration.

What are your future plans/ambitions?
I plan to focus on my Acting career here in London for the next year or so, strictly with screen acting as it is my main passion.
Then plan to venture to The Philippines where I can try something new and work on a career out there. I have a number of exciting projects lined up for this
year so keep a look out for me!

How can people find out more about you or get in touch?

You can find me on twitter @Kathotca and on my Agencies website:

Katrina Hotca - TMG Agency

Thanks ever so much Kat!!!

More power to you and your seemingly fantastic future and keep in touch!


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