Important message from Anthony Mariano of the Sambat Trust

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Important message from Anthony Mariano of the Sambat Trust

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Dear Fam and Friends,

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and hope you could also visit my JustGiving page.

Why am I running a marathon (again?

As you may know, Sambat Trust started after I treated my Mum to a trip home to the Philippines.

One story Mum told me from her holiday was of Johaini, a young girl in Mums village who was not in school and learning because her family couldnt afford the school fees.

I decided to do something.

I asked family and friends for their support.

That first year, 36 children were able to go to school. Johaini was one of them.

Thanks to you, Sambat Trust is growing: we are establishing school libraries, granting scholarships and training teachers.

Over 2,700 children now have the opportunity to read children's books in school.

But we are just beginning. Every child has the right to a quality education.

With your help, Sambat Trust can continue to provide the resources required for children to thrive in school.

£10/16 USD
puts 10 local Filipiniana childrens books in a library

£20/32 USD
buys a year of school supplies for 5 children
£50/80 USD

provides school uniforms for 12 children

£100/160 USD
places 70 Scholastic books on a library shelf
So why have I sponsored myself?

I can only ask you to do something if Im also willing to do it :)

Love, thanks and salamat po!


Photos featured:

1: Trapiche Elementary School, Tanauan City, Batangas; their library was opened August 2012

2. From Laurel Elementary School, Tanauan City, Batangas. Our next school library project.

My JustGiving page:

Feel free to use any info on my JustGiving page how you see fit.

Thanks again!

As of November 2012, we have established 7 primary school libraries,delivered over 19,000 children's books,trained 180 teachers, granted 38 scholarships; more than 2,770 children now have access to a functional school library in the Philippines:

Sambat Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales. No. 1137903.


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