Helping our kababayan in CDO

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Helping our kababayan in CDO

Helping our kababyan in CDO

As everyone knows I love the Philippines very much and consider it to be my second home, I also consider myself to be Pinoy at heart, meaning to say I am passionate about the Philippines and Pinoy culture.

To be honest I really can't say why, yes I am married to a filipina and my children are Pinoy but its more than that. My belief is that filipinos are very hard working, caring, positive and compassaionate to others.

On that note I believe that as a British man married to a filipina, I should do all I can to embrace my wife's culture whether it be watching TFC (which I love!) Trying to speak some tagalog, eating Pinoy foods, travelling to the country as much as possible, attending Filipino events and helping in the community, I am not saying that it is possible for everyone to do that much, I am just saying that when you marry someone from another country you should embrace that culture, hope that makes sense?

I was struck by the devestation caused by Typhoon Sendong, so many thousands of people made homeless and still living in tent city. I know I can't give that much financially but what I can do is give some time.

I was contacted by a U.S charity which have a network across the world called they help in areas of disasters by coordinating volunteers to travel to areas struck by disasters and volunteers there help people to rebuild their lives. I am planning to travel to CDO as soon as I can. There are some problems to overcome first before I can travel there, I also need some help with the trip, however I believe this is something I must do in my life.

Thanks so much, Malcolm


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