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Earlier today I received a message from Seb at Groundwater International. In a nutshell, they are a specialist groundwater solutions sub-contractor.

Seb started the company last December and they have gone from strength to strength in just 4 months. They are based in the UK, Singapore,The Philippines and Vietnam. Additionally, there are other locations opening soon.

Please take a look round their website at;

Seb has a background is Hydrogeology and Geotechnical Engineering but the company has moved into areas such as water supply in the developing world from drilling to supply to purifying to delivery in rural communities.

They have an office in the Philippines which is in the next town over from Tacloban which was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda last November. Seb and his team were there during the Typhoon and spent 3hrs in a wardrobe! Luckily they only lost the windows from their office and not the roof. Thankfully none of the staff were injured. After this, the team got involved in providing drinking water through our filtration system. This is a great help to those affected by the Typhoon.

For more information on Seb and his work, please feel free to get in touch with him:

Seb Fisher Managing Director Groundwater Engineering Pte. Ltd.

329 Lilia Avenue, Cogon, Ormoc City, 6541 Philippines
Singapore m: +65 9727 7164 | UK mobile +44 7909 516975
Skype: gwe0011


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