Q+A with Mark Villarosa!!!!

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Tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Mark Villarosa, Im a Filipino born musician living here in London writing and playing my original music whenever I can at venues around the city.

Whats the latest project you are working on?

Ive been busy recording lots of new demo tracks and currently getting the hang of videoing unplugged versions of my songs for my fans. Next year, Im planning to do a lot more gigs outside of London, maybe even a gig in New York city with my band, God willing.

Do you get involved with the whole Filipino events scene?

I dont attend as many as I should really, I often miss out on the London Barrio Fiestas, though Im very supportive of my fellow Filipino artists and musicians and try to promote original Pinoy music whenever I can.

Whats your favourite Pinoy dish?

Lots but top of the list are Afritada, Tinola and good old fashioned Hotsilog or Tapsilog with sukang puti for sawsawan : )

When was the last time you went to the Philippines and how was it?

The last 2 visits were a bit sad as my Grandmother passed away last year and this year was her 1st death anniversary, we were very close. Im hoping the next time will be happier.

Any other comments?

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