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Norresa Perucho - resident Blogger

What can I say, apart from the basics? My name is Norresa Perucho and I am an 18 year old student living in West London. I am full Filipina, however my fluency in tagalog is not that great!

I am hoping to attend university in September, studying Journalism, hence the reason I thought I could benefit from writing for

It will be a great experience for me as a writer as well as benefiting the website for I shall be able to keep my readers up to date on local events, news and entertainment.

As for now, I am currently an Event Manager for the FYF Knockout Dance Competition 2011 and this is the 2nd year I am doing it.

FYF which stands for Filipino Youth Foundation is a charitable organisation looking to help provide events for the youth delivered by the youth involving them in something positive as well as encouraging their independence and responsibility. From last years event, I was able to learn to become more independent as well as enhance my communication and networking skills when it came to meeting new people.

I am very excited to be the first member of the team and I hope that through my contribution to this website, I will be able to grow as a writer as well as entertain my readers.


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