Family days out cut short thanks to TFL

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When our children were younger, we used to go out to museums, galleries, parks and other days out as a family. Going back a few years, there used to be a family travel card for 2 adults and 2 children, costing around £18 in total.

Travelling around London as a family was therefore affordable. This helped our children to be more culturally aware.

From January 2015, an adult one day travelcard will cost £12 and a child travelcard will cost £6!

So compare £18 when my children were younger to £36 that a family of 4 will have to pay now. This is very unhelpful to families. In fact it will deprive families on low income from going to London for the day. #MayorBorisJohnson #TFL #Shocking #Travel #London #Family


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