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Over the last few months, I have been receiving many messages from Filipinos, both in the Philippines and around the globe who have expressed a desire to seek employment in the UK in occupations such as carers, drivers, nannies, cooks and other similar positions.

I have also heard many stories of fake recruitment agencies, requesting bogus payments for their services, such as visa processing, recruitment fees, background check fees and other similar scams.

Very sadly, I have heard of Filipinos borrowing money, selling land, pawning goods and ending up getting into all sorts of debts, in their increasing desire to come to the UK.

The reality is, unless you have the skills or qualifications that we need here, or can fill vacancies that we cannot find suitable candidates for from within the U.K, then you will be unable to work here sadly.

For the complete list of shortage occupations, please visit the following government website link:

If you are able to fill one of these skills shortfalls, even then, there will still be unscrupulous job agencies who will advertise vacancies that don't actually exist.

If you have the desire to work in the UK, please ONLY contact the appropriate Philippine Government office in the country where you are currently residing. For this list, please visit the following website:

Do not rely on Facebook pages from supposed employment agencies, emails you receive from alleged employment agencies, nor can you really trust even the major online job websites.

I have spent a great deal of time recently, hunting through Facebook, the internet and various job sites and have been very surprised by the number of fake sites and scam job offers out there, many of which I have now reported!

I only wish that I could work on this full time as indeed, scammers targeting Filipinos who wish to work in the UK is now prolific.

Over the last week particularly, I have spent many hours on social media trying to answer posts, comment on fake job adverts and respond to messages from Pinoys around the world, telling them to only go through official channels when looking for work.

I guess the main top tips I could give in order to avoid you falling victim to scammers is as follows:

1. Never hand over any money whatsoever as part of any application process. I am 100% certain that any request for payment for visas, agency fees etc, is a total scam. Genuine employers would not ask you to hand over a single peso, dollar or pound when applying for a job.

2. Check the spelling of the job advert, also check the grammar, paying particular attention to the English. If the advert is written in American English, i.e Centre is spelt as Center, the job advertised is surely a scam.

3. Be cautious of unrealistic salaries. A carer in the UK often has a starting rate of around £7 an hour or less. If you see a carer job advertised at say £20,000 it's clearly a scam. Anyway as I mentioned earlier, unless the job advertised is on the official government skills shortage list, it would be absolutely impossible to get a visa from the UK government anyway.

Finally, I would be very happy for you to message me on Facebook or through my email at if you are unsure if a job offer or advert is genuine.

I am sorry to be harsh, or sound uncaring, in a perfect world, I would have as many Filipinos working in the UK as I possibly could, however the reality is, even more so with the impending Brexit, that it is incredibly difficult to come here for work.

Even if you do have skills on the shortage occupation list, you would still need to take the IELTS test at level 7, which to be honest, even I would not pass as it's incredibly difficult.

Please feel free to share/disseminate to our kababayans around the globe.

Maraming Salamat po friends,

Malcolm Conlan


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