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Hello my readers,

Sorry it has been a good few months since my last blog, but university has certainly kept me occupied! I struggled to think about what my next blog should be about, and have decided to blog about debuts. Im not an expert of debuts, but Ive tried my best for this blog!

The celebration of a girls 18th birthday party is a great Philippine tradition. It is on some way similar to the Spanish Quinceanera which is celebrated on a girls 15th birthday. The Philippine traditional debut would consist of the debutant having 9 roses and 9 candles, in some cases there would be 18 roses and 18 candles. The roses and candles would all wear similar clothing sticking to a simple dress code whilst the debutant would wear a bold and beautiful dress.

The roses would each have a dance with the debutant and the candles would say a speech. There would also be a partner dance featuring the roses, candles, debutant and her escort. There would also be a traditional father daughter dance too.

Family and friends would come to the celebration and have a sit down meal and then a party towards the end.

That, is the traditional formality of a debut, however, in the last year where Ive seen all my friends turn 18 including myself, I feel as though the tradition of a debut has got lost within this generation.

I turned 18 at the beginning of this year, and instead of going with a simple dress code I went and also incorporated a theme of Alice in Wonderland. In the other debuts I have attended they all had a dress code but for their roses and candles, however they were not as strict as not all the roses and candles stuck to the code.

You would traditionally expect a debut to take place in a great hall or even a hotel, however mine took place in a cafe bar. One of the debuts I went to this year however did take place in a hotel.

I personally, did not stick to the traditional version for I did not have a sit down menu with Filipino food, but more a buffet of cold food (sandwiches etc) that people could take when they were hungry. I did a quick dance with each of my roses and then had I had my candles speeches. It was soon after that, that my debut turned into a rave.

One debut that I attended as well as my own, did not invite many family or relatives to the debuts which is a shame because a debut it supposed to be a celebration where you invite all the people that have been there for you throughout your life.

All in all, I know this blog isnt as good as my others. But, I still found this an issue. That the girls in this generation have stopped following the traditional Philippine debut and have opted in making their own version of how they want their debut to be. May it be due to financial reasons, social reasons or personal reasons. Perhaps, we should all encourage young pinays to consider following the tradition?

Norresa Perucho


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