Danny Favor-East Grinstead councillor

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Danny Favor a nurse by profession is the first Pinoy councillor in the UK. He represents East Grinstead, West Susssex, where there are around 25,000 people. Danny represents 5,000 people, Danny mentioned there are around 300 Pinoys there.

Danny explained that he loves public service. He said that he sees serving the public service as an addiction and is very happy in his role. His role is voluntary and as well as serving the people of East Grinstead he is also a nurse practioner as well as being on several other voluntary boards.

Danny is a councillor for the Conservative party. It was really a pleasure meeting Danny and having the opportunity to hear about his fantastic efforts.

I was able to ask Danny some questions about his work, I also asked him about who actually voted for him, where they all Pinoys?, over 900 people voted for him and as there are only around 300 Pinoys in East Grinstead which is made up of several areas, those voting for him were mainly from other nationalities. Danny works very hard for all sectors of the community as well as representing his fellow Pinoys through his work as president of the local Pinoy organisation.


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