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So I guess it is that time of year again, where families come together, celebrate the birth of Jesus, hang the star upon the tree and exchange gifts and cards. Christmas 2011 brings us to a close of the year 2011, where so much has happened.

During the festive season, in the Philippines as well as here in the UK we have Simbang Gabi which is where we all attend masses from as early as the 16th December until the 24th December, as this is one of the important practices in our Catholic faith.

Noche Buena is a tradition followed on Christmas Eve where families would have a meal together at around midnight.

Christmas, for me, sees me and my family come together. My mum and dad take time off work, and with no school or university, my sisters are home too. I am sure its the same for every other family this year too?

But, I know that for some of us Filipinos living away from Philippines, there is a slight gap in our hearts, with our family still in the Philippines. There are families who travel back to the Philippines for the holidays, but for others it isnt always the case.

Christmas is a season where families come together therefore if you are planning a trip back to the Philippines in the near future, check out the latest fare of Royal Brunei Airlines!

Last week, we saw a typhoon hit the Southern part of the Philippines. The Philippines has currently stated that the death toll will soon rise to 1,000.

According to the Philippine Red Cross, the number of people missing has reached as high as 800.

Please click on the link above for more information on how to donate money to help the Philippines. It is at this time that we send all our prayers and thoughts out to them. We ask that they may still have a holy and peaceful Christmas, especially for the children.

May God be with them during this season, keeping our families back home safe and sheltered this Christmas and New Years.

I wish you all a Holy Christmas and a prosperous New Year,

God Bless,

Norresa Perucho


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