Barrio Fiesta sa London - Norresa Perucho

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Okay, so Im a few weeks late but here goes!

Rain. Rain. And a few hours of sunshine.

Despite the poor weather conditions, thousands of Filipinos across the U.K. travelled to attend the biggest Barrio Fiesta in the U.K. the Barrio Fiesta sa London Hounslow.

It was an amazing weekend seeing the Filipino community together, socialising, meeting friends as well as making new ones.

We saw the likes of KC Conception and John Lloyd Cruz attending the event providing great performances for everyone present on the day.

Catering at the barrio fiesta, was as usual a great success with many Filipinos who bought food for the day as well as buying takeaway I must say, my favourite food stalls had to have been Carino Cuisine and Hari Ng Ihaw

Yes, the Barrio Fiesta catered to all age groups, as at the back of the Barrio Fiesta, we had the fair which saw many of the younger Filipino generation mingling and having fun! As usual the queue for body heat and the bumper cars was very much worth it.

All in all, the Barrio Fiesta was a great weekend and showed a sense of family within the Filipino Community. And on behalf of the Filipino Community I cant wait for Next Years Barrio Fiesta sa London Hounslow.

Norresa Perucho


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