Barrio Fiesta Sa London - a review by Noressa Hope

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Barrio Fiesta Sa London

Honestly, trying to juggle work and university as well finding the time to blog? There are just not enough hours in the day. But here is a blog I am sure you have all been waiting for...

The blazing heat, the smell of the freshly cooked food and the amazing crowd of Filipinos, it can only mean one thing. The Barrio Fiesta Sa London had arrived.

Okay okay, I guess we were lucky with the heatwave!

I trust you all enjoyed the 29th Barrio Fiesta Sa London 2013, at Apps Court Farm, a new location to the original Lampton Park, Hounslow.

Unfortunately, I wasnt there on the Saturday, but I did make an appearance on the Sunday. So lets go from there.

Lets see...where to begin?

Shuttle bus? Was I the only one under the impression it would be a small little mini van, which quickly took people to the park? Instead, there was a queue of Filipinos waiting to board the London Bus, which had been hired specifically for the event. Not that I am complaining, it was a good quick 20mins drive, with no hassle and took you straight to the Barrio.

I heard the car parking was £10 for the day, which seems reasonable considering how far the venue was. And WOAH. Who saw the queue for the bus at the end of the day? Thankfully, it was managed very well by the Barrio staff and went down rather quickly.

So each day, there were different events and guest appearances. Activities included TFCkat Europe Finals, Coronation of the Philippine Centre Charity Pageant competition winners, Santacruzan, Cultural performances and Celebrity guest appearances from the ABS-CBN Kapamiliya.

Guests on the Saturday were:

Kim Chiu

Xian Lim

Angeline Quinto

Rita Rosario Carlos

Guests on the Sunday were:


Richard Gomez

Maja Salvador

Angeline Quinto

Rita Rosario Carlos

The area surrounding the stage was heaving with Filipinos, it was such a great turn out!

On the out skirts of the park was where all of the stalls were located, i.e. financial business, property, and the most important (which I am sure is one of the main reasons people go to Barrio well my reason anyway) the catering stalls.

Oh what great joy it was to have some Halo Halo and Chicharon Bulaklak. Dont know what it is? Then you know what to get next year!

As usual there was a fair on the opposite side of the park for all the kids. Honestly, if you wanted to find any children from whatever age, up to those in their late teens, they will be at the fair, either waiting for a ride, or simply standing around eating and gossiping.

The adults and well the mums and dads you can find them near the stage.

Seriously, its the same every year!

So what were your thoughts on the Barrio? Was it better at Apps Court Farm than Lampton Park, Hounslow?

Norresa Perucho


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