Bar FM - Hanging out on jamming night

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Bar FM, Thursday night, a cold November night in London

Just finished work in Shepherds Bush and just felt like hanging out with some Pinoy's. Not sure why really, I guess I am missing the Philippines big time!

Thursday night is Jam night, basically it's a free for all, where a bunch of musicians, singers and basically anyone with a good enough voice or who has enough coverage jumps on stage and just jams away.

Coming here made me reflect on life as an OFW in the UK or indeed around the globe. Though Filipinos are far from home, missing their families and indeed loved ones, they still find time to get together, sharing each other's company, meeting new friends, making the best of life.

Bar FM acts as really a venue for the community to get together and remember home, enjoy life and I believe is a great place to hang out if you love Pinoy culture. By the way, they do some awesome foods and are very friendly. Great night! #BarFM #Pinoy #MissingPhilippines


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