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Please help if you can, I have been asked to post this on, although Jenny is not a filipina and this is not connected to the Philippines, this seems to be a very important and worthwhile cause, the event organiser is a friend of Michael David Lampkin who some of you may know through Philippine Educational Charities.

Jenny Read was diagnosed at 10 years old with mitochondrial cytopathy leukodystrophy, and is one of 10 patients diagnosed with this disorder world wide. Most people with Jennys condition die before the age of 18, and she is the oldest living person with it currently at the at of 31. Jenny was diagnosed as a child, and fights everyday to battle this disease that progressivly is taking away her ability to take care of herself. Medical Marijuana has helped Jenny to treat the severe tremors, the nausea, the migraines, the extreme pains she gets from her muscles being so tight 24 hours a day, and many of her other symptoms. The goal of this fundraiser is to help Jenny Read to cover the costs of a trip to Tucson Arizona to the 7th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis.

Jenny has the opportunity to be seen by some amazing specialists, but needs help in cover the costs getting her out there, lodging, food, and the cost of the conference.

My challenge to you is to get a team of 5 people to come and participate in the bowling fundraiser. The cost is 15 Dollars per person which will include your bowling, as well as pizza and pop. We will be also be having a contest to see which team of four can get the most donations for Jenny, which team has the most creative outfits, and which team scores the overall highest!

We will be also having a raffle and auctioning many donated items from throughout this state.

Please contact me to RSVP no later than February 23rd! The number to reserve a lane for your team is: 517-582-7236, or you can email Cant wait to see you and your team at this amazing event :)

If you can't attend, but would like to make donations please mail them to:

Jenny Read
C/O C.A. of Okemos
Suite 108
5668 N. Okemos Road.
East Lansing, MI 48823


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