A statement from Pinoy nurse of the year, Junjun Medran

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I have refrained myself from issuing a response to your statement in the heat of the moment, the last thing we need are harsh words uttered while tempers are
flaring. It's been a few days since your gaffe, and you've already issued an apology in an attempt to do damage control. I have read your statement and viewed your segment on the TV show "Pagsubok", including your apology repeatedly, trying to make sense of it all but unfortunately, no matter how many times I try, your logic simply eludes me. Dont get me wrong, I am not here to judge you, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however naive or misguided they are, I only have questions. To say "hindi naman kailangan ang nurse na matapos ng BSN kasi itong mga nurses ay gusto lang nila maging room nurse, or sa America o sa other countries ay mag aalaga lang sila. Hindi naman kailangan na ganoon sila kagaling"... is not only an insult to the thousands of nurses, both aspiring and registered, who have literally shed blood, sweat and tears just to get to where they are, to their families who sacrificed "an arm an a leg" just to help them get there, but also to their teachers who take on that responsibility of molding them and transforming these young minds into excellent, world class nurses. The first few questions that popped in my head were "have you ever seen a nurse in action? For you to be able to say such things, I ask you, have you ever experienced what its like to be a nurse, even for just a day? If by "room nurse" you meant a "bedside nurse" or a "floor nurse", have you ever seen one go through their daily routine? Do you know what it takes to be a nurse? I'm trying to understand what you meant when you said "magaalaga lang sila, hindi naman kailangan na ganoon sila kagaling". Although you did not say it outright, the misconception that nurses are only there to give baths, offer bedpans and clean up after somebody else's mess is very obvious in your statement. Is that all you think nurses do? Have you ever seen a nurse save a person in more ways than one? And by that I mean real life, not the "Grey's Anatomy" or any other T.V. version of what is involved in this noble yet thankless profession. I can tell you stories of nurses overcoming adversity despite having limited resources, of nurses going over & beyond what is expected of them, of nurses offering their day's wages to help out a patient in dire need, of a young student nurse staying over to help a desperate mother care for her dying child, of nurses volunteering to donate blood to help save the life of a young girl stricken with the dreaded dengue hemorrhagic fever, of nurses recognizing an early warning sign of a potentially fatal heart attack, a symptom the doctors failed to recognize, & thereby saving the man's life, of a nurse holding a homeless man's hands and offering a prayer as he takes his last breath. Stories of nurses coming together, pooling their time & resources to provide for the hundreds of patients and their families left helpless in the aftemath of a devastating fire that consumed our very own Lung Center of the Philippines. So many stories, some heartbreaking but most of them incredible and awe inspiring. But then again, I guess you will never really know how/what it is like to be a nurse until "you've walked a mile in our shoes"..

Its been 21 years since the Dean of Nursing from Arellano University, my beloved Alma Mater, handed me my diploma, definitely one of the most memorable events of my existence. I have since dedicated my life to the profession and stayed true to the oath I have sworn to uphold. I am a proud nurse, always have, always will be. And I can honestly say, it takes more than just the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to make it in this profession. You need compassion, you need dedication, you have to have the heart for it. For me, and for the thousands of other Filipinos who are living this life, Nursing is more than just a task oriented job, it is our calling.



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