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On the occasion of Florence Nightingales 192nd birthday and this years International Nurses Day, the members and officers of the Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom would like to greet each and every nurse worldwide a happy nurses day.

In light of the challenges, difficulties and changes that the nursing profession is faced at present, nurses continue to serve in the forefront of healthcare without reservation and hesitation. Just as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole have done so in the past, nurses have continued to deliver a unique perspective of patient care with passion and commitment. While the various aspects of nursing have changed and evolved to meet the demands of the times, the vision behind nursing which is to deliver tender loving care to people of all kind remains the same throughout the last two-centuries.

Rightfully so, the nurses are the major workforce behind almost any healthcare institution worldwide. In this changing global workforce with clinical competitiveness in the background, each and every nurse should strive to excel in practice and knowledge. We should not stop where others have but should instead pave the way for further nursing innovativeness and perfection so that others can follow.

As we celebrate a day to reflect on our own profession, our history and our future, let us use the opportunity to identify realistic solutions and discover ways to improve nursing practice worthy of inspiration for other nurses worldwide.

Let us all work together to motivate improvements in nursing practice and therefore contribute to the future of global nursing.

On behalf of the Officers and Members of the Philippine Nursing Association of United Kingdom, happy International Nurses Day to all.

Michael MR Duque
President, PNA UK


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