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READ relevant real life stories in RealLife. Kcat Yarza is among them, she survived brain tumor caused by Neurofibromatosis and gives back a little something to PGH patients every year on her birthday; Gaspar Quizora Salim, born without hands and feet but finished high school will fly with his mother from Zamboanga City for the book launch courtesy of a donor while a brand new wheelchair is waiting for him at the airport, courtesy of a donor; Renee Tupas Leones is an animal rights advocate working in Thailand, it's her calling to love animals; Dahlia Rivera Supnad is now based in Singapore, shaved her head for children with cancer; read the life of Aling Lilia who lives under the bridge; Ramil is peddling Pagpag for breakfast in one of the poorest communities in Manila; Nene who sells her sweet mix cereals to other street urchins like her; the women behind Workshops@IbaPa and their summer Pamasko for the inmates of Iwahig in Puerto Princesa, Palawan; the life of an abused child but now feeding countless children in her community, Jamie Del Rosario Martinez, she rolls despite her limitations; meet your Ka Eskwela, the people behind them are wasting no time trekking muddy mountains, swimming flooded rivers to bring books and school supplies to poor public schools in the hinterlands.

These are incredible people . Incredible wonderful Filipinos.


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